What To Know About Agriculture In India?

What To Know About Agriculture In India

What is good about Agriculture in India? It is seeing the lush green crops stretching on the land all around while you are traveling across the road. Moreover, farmers in India give it everything to produce one of the best crops not only for their self-subsistence but also for getting the higher returns for the efforts & active labor they put in for the successful production of that crop.

What To Know About Agriculture In India
What To Know About Agriculture In India?

This whole process of agriculture appears accessible to all of us, but it is the result of blood & sweat that Indian farmers put in to produce the most excellent crops. A big land, usage of tools & equipment & ultimate satisfaction is what drives the farmers in India to give agriculture a proper definition. Peoples must go through the essential features which make agriculture in India significant from Indian economy’s point of view.

Agriculture In India

Agriculture In India is the chief source of spending life for about fifty-eight percent of the Population in India. The Indian markets boast of continuous growth along with the global reach of food business each year. It has a more exceptional ability to achieve greater heights as compared to other sectors of the economy.

The reason behind the same that agriculture ultimately implies food & this industry is growing at a good pace & that too regularly.  Groceries play a vital role in the food processing industry & contributes very well in terms of economic growth. However, it stands in a good position in the global market. It is ahead of various other sectors when it comes to not only domestic growth but also expansion beyond the national boundaries. Moreover, the manufacturing industry is somewhere dependent on the agro-industries & it is quite clear that it has a fair share in the country’s overall growth. Imports and exports of agriculturally developed products also contribute towards the overall growth of the food industry.

What To Know About Agriculture In India
What To Know About Agriculture In India?

Agricultural Producing State Of India

  • West Bengal-Rice
  • Uttar Pradesh- heat
  • Gujarat-Cotton
  • Uttar Pradesh- sugarcane
  • West Bengal-Vegetables
  • West Bengal-Jute
  • Assam-Halmari-Tea
  • Karnataka-Coffee
  • Madhya Pradesh-Pulses
  • Kerala-Rubber
  • Types Of Agriculture Practised In India
  • Subsistence Agriculture
  • Shifting Agriculture
  • Intensive Farming
  • Extensive Farming
  • Dry Land Farming
  • WetLand Farming
  • Plantation Agriculture
  • Commercial Agriculture

Role Of Agriculture In Indian Economy

Agriculture is the most important sector & it contributes to the national income of India in a meaningful manner. Besides, every country’s primary industry is essential for the determination of national income & agriculture in India doesn’t fail to respond positively.

  • It is also helpful in employing the people who are jobless & are in dire need of some sustainable job. Moreover, it involves the features of learning while doing & ensures that it satisfies the basic needs of a job-seeking person, especially in rural areas. The industrial sector is the secondary source of income for an Indian economy, but its dependence on agriculture can’t be overlooked.
  • The raw materials used in industries are procured from agriculture & have a significant share in the development of enterprises. Moreover, industries play a substantial role in the development of the whole country & with agriculture; it just gives a proper way to form the strong base of the economy.

The most crucial aspect of agriculture is the contribution to capital formation. Besides, agriculture makes sure that it coordinates all the four elements to the best & helps with active capital formation. The outputs from all the four factors in forming the basis on which the economy stands.

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