What Are Agricultural Products And Its Types?

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Before proceeding with the types of agricultural products, let’s discuss first, what are agricultural products?

Agricultural products are those products which are acquired from refined plants and animals to succor human life. The most extensively cultivated agricultural product is Food. Nowadays, people have started using these more for a variety of reasons. Starting from the fabric, you wear to the paper you write; all are a product of agriculture. Plastics are also an example of cultivated agricultural products. Flowers that are used for decorating purposes are also produced by agriculture. Also, not to forget that the fuel from which our car runs is ethanol and is partly produced by agriculture. We are advancing with new technologies each day, and the uses of agricultural products will continue to grow more and more in the coming years.

What are the types of agricultural products?
What are the types of agricultural products?

Types Of Agricultural Products

These are divided into four different segments. Each of them contributes to the making of all agricultural products. Let’s get to know about each of them briefly.

Food – According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), it is quite evident that grain and cereal account for more than half of the world’s farmlands. Apart from this fact, it is also known that food agriculture crops have a better hold in the market than cereals and grains.

Fuel – Ethanol, which is produced by biomass using sugarcane, molasses or sugar beet, is one of the most broadly used fuel products. In addition to this, a lot of different agricultural products are also used and converted to produce power.

Fibers – Under fibers, we have a variety of crops like wool, silk, cotton, etc. Cotton alone accounts for the one-tenth produced crops as per USDA. Similarly, there are other crops like hemp and bamboo, which are used in the making of fabrics.

Raw Materials – Different other agricultural products are derived from these raw materials. Let’s take the example of livestock. Livestock is an agricultural product that is required by animals producing dairy products, for their nutrition and well being.

Agricultural Production

Agricultural production involves the production of food, which in turn can bring more profit when sold by retailers.

It includes activities like agriculture (cultivation), horticulture (producing fruits, vegetables, etc.), silviculture (building and taking care of fresh trees), floriculture (producing flowering plants) and so on. In fact, one needs to clearly understand the involvement of raw materials for making agricultural products and distinguish between the profit and the loss. According to USDA(United States Department of Revenue), agricultural production starts with the purchase of raw materials and ends with the selling of the finished product.

Agricultural Production Inclusion And Exclusion

There are a lot of business processes involved in agricultural production like nurseries, farms, greenhouses, ranches and different breeding operations.

Consequently, some of the business processes do not account for agricultural production. These include conserving or storing raw materials, handling them, processing them or raising animals for your personal use. While it may be true, but the fact that per-person calorie intake has been leaping in the past 50 years.

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