Understanding The 5 Types Of Agriculture Farming Systems

What are the types of agricultural products?

Do you know that farming systems are not uniform throughout the world?

Yes! Agriculture is indeed a widespread practice of growing food resources, yet it is not uniform. Depending upon multiple factors, it differs from one region to another. 

To sum up the differences, there are some major criteria present and followed widespread.

The criteria are- Scale, type of crop being sown, the combination of livestock, how much is the intensity, how mechanized the agriculture is, and distribution of farm produce. 

So, in this article, you will read about 5 popular types of agriculture around the world. 

#1 Livestock Ranching Farming System

Understanding The 5 Types Of Agriculture Farming Systems
Understanding The 5 Types Of Agriculture Farming Systems

This is a unique farming system where rearing animals is given the priority. Farmers of this system live a settled life and rear animals for their bread and butter. These days, it has grown significantly and commercialized to a great extent. 

Countries like Australia, South America, and North America, which is low rainfall, have this kind of farming. Farmers of these countries rear animals for commodities like wool and meat. These farmers have massively spread ranches to keep rear the animals. 

#2 Nomadic Herding – One Of The Farming Systems Of Tribes

Nomadic herding is prevalent in arid and semi-arid areas where farmers are always on the move with their livestock. People of nomadic herding don’t bother to collect resources for their livestock as they prefer feeding them over natural pastures.  

Depending upon the movement of nomadic herds, the reared animals differ from one another. North Eurasia, some parts of Arabia and Northern Africa has this widespread culture of nomadic herding. 

#3 Shifting Cultivation – One Of The Farming Systems From Asia

Shifting cultivation is a widespread adoption of tropical areas. Countries in Southeast Asia are known to follow this farming, where farmers use slash and burn methodology to clear mass land. For years, they cultivate the land and then move to another. 

But as this technique involves the cleaning of forests, several environmentalists have raised an issue toward it. This type of farming is seeing a massive decline in the past few years. 

4# Commercial Farming – One Of The Farming Systems From Eurasia 

Commercial agriculture, as the name suggests, is done on purpose. It is capital intensive, and hence, the land allotted to this type of farming is small and with high commercial value. The major crops of this farming are rubber, palm oil, tea, and coffee. This type of agriculture is regular practice in areas of Asia, Latin America, and Africa. 

Understanding The 5 Types Of Agriculture Farming Systems
Understanding The 5 Types Of Agriculture Farming Systems

5# Specialized Horticulture 

With the surge in urbanization and population, the demand for vegetation and food resources has lent a hand to this popular system. The best example of this farming system could be seen in areas of North Hungary, France, and regions around Swiss Lakes. 

The best part of this farming system is that it keeps on changing according to the current demand for products. The cultivation in this system is dynamic and varies according to the vast demands of vegetables and fruits. 

Framing Systems Are Everchanging

Agriculture or farming system has always been a prime source of food for human. As time has changed, the method of doing agriculture has changed. 

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