Top 3 Superfoods That Are Legitimately Super!

Whenever you shop the next time you’re at the grocery store, choose these top 3 superfoods that are legitimate in being “super”. In this Top 10 list, here are some of the most accessible superfoods you can easily find. Also, the ones that don’t require much “cuisine-type” of preparation to satisfy your palate. 

Top 3 Superfoods For Your Next Grocery Trip 

The Top 3 Superfoods You Can Easily Find:

1. Avocados 

They’re more or less tasteless. Some even argue that they taste like… the Earth. You know, fresh, green, Earthy. So, no matter how you regard avocados, and what your taste buds tell you, they’re power-packed with nutrients. 

Avocados contain a large but healthy amount of magnesium. This is good for your body because magnesium is an excellent regulator of blood pressure. In fact, this fruit stabilizes blood pressure to reach a balance. 

At the same time, studies reveal that there is a correlation between magnesium deficiency and having an increased risk of diabetes (type 2). Hence, to avoid this illness, have some avocados. And if they don’t taste as good as you want them to, drizzle them with a bit of natural honey to boost their flavor. 

2. Broccoli 

For some reason, many aren’t able to stomach broccoli. If you eat them straight without even cooking them, that’s definitely not the way to go. However, cooking them and mixing them in dishes will bring out their flavor, and be a great addition to your meals. 

Without straying from the subject about their superfood banner, broccoli along with cauliflower, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, and the like, belong to the top 3 superfoods that lower the risk of heart ailments. These cruciferous veggies strengthen blood vessels. Therefore, they aid in proper blood flow to and from your heart, and the rest of the organs in your body. 

Have them as part of your main course, or as a snack to munch on. This could be instead of fries, chips, and other unhealthy alternatives you usually have. 

3. Seafood 

They might be more expensive than chicken, or other types of meat. They also can require much more care when being cooked. However, seafood is a superfood that you shouldn’t ignore. Or at least, try to have them once or twice a week. 

Seafood is high in Omega 3-fatty acids, which are essential nutrients to prevent blockage in your arteries. They also reduce the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure. Moreover, seafood lowers the likelihood of blood clotting, as well as the levels of triglycerides or bad blood fat. 

To top it off, they help increase your body’s good cholesterol, also known as HDL (high-density lipoprotein). 

We understand the additional effort you need in preparing cuisine with fish as the main ingredient. But trust us, you’ll be all the better for it. As mentioned earlier, two servings a week will be good enough. That should amount to about 3 to 4 ounces of seafood, or fish in particular. You should try salmon, mackerel, and sardines, whenever you’re in the market for this superfood.

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