Sweet Potato Baby Food Recipe – What Is It?

sweet potato baby food recipe

The sweet potatoes that you can find in your supermarket are great when it comes to preparing recipes for your baby, but if you want to learn how to cook sweet potatoes for babies, you will need to make up a sweet potato baby food recipe. Here’s how!

Get The Recipe Right

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Cut the sweet potatoes in half and place them on a baking tray. Take the skins and cut out the insides of the potatoes, leaving the skin on. Cut the flesh into smaller chunks and place them on a tray to allow them to steam.

After they have had enough time to steam, cut them into smaller pieces, about an inch in length. Then put them into a frying pan and cook until they are tender, then turn the heat down and cover. Allow them to cook for 15 minutes or so until they are soft.

When they are soft, you can now cut into the flesh with a knife. You will want to cut from top to bottom, making sure to leave some inside of the skin. After you get this cut, you will then be able to scoop out the insides of the sweet potato. Then put this into the boiling water and cover for three to four minutes.

Once this has cooked down and is soft enough to be eaten, it is now time to eat the sweet potatoes. If you want to eat the skins, you can wash them away before serving.

Add Extras To Make It Tastier

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Some people find that cooking sweet potatoes with other foods will make them sweeter. For example, some people use cinnamon to taste, while others might add lemon extract or vanilla to their sweet potatoes. This way, they end up with a richer flavor that is more balanced between sweet and sour.

Cooking sweet potatoes for babies can be a lot of fun and very satisfying when done correctly. Once you know how to prepare the sweet potatoes, you can serve them to your family at dinner time and they will never be able to tell the difference.

Use Substitutes

Also, if you are not going to use sweet potatoes, you could always substitute one of the many vegetables that you can easily find in your grocery store like corn. Be sure to check the label so that you aren’t using any harmful chemicals in your baby food.

The only problem that you might run into if you try sweet potatoes is that you will never have enough of them to go around. They are often used in a sweet potato pie recipe. So you could run out before you even bake the pie!

In any case, the sweet potato baby food recipe is something that your family will definitely enjoy. After all, everyone is familiar with the name and the fact that it is packed full of vitamin A and potassium, which is essential for babies.

As long as you cook it the right way, you can make your baby food recipe healthier for them. You will find that it tastes great and is filling.


Sweet potatoes are very easy to cook and are great for your waistline. Just remember that there are many different recipes out there to choose from and that you don’t have to follow anyone’s recipe to the letter. Some of them have other ingredients mixed in with them to create a unique taste.

Take your time in preparing your sweet potato baby food recipe. Be sure to use fresh produce and ingredients so that you get all the nutrients you need. and that they are healthy for your baby.

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