Guide To Preparing Healthy Baby Food

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Mommies and daddies, here’s a guide to preparing healthy baby food that’s totes doable and not at all rocket science-ish. Prepping your child’s healthy eats will be so much more convenient with these fool-proof steps that have been tried and tested both by parents, and nutritionists alike. 

Preparing Healthy Baby Food: The Wonderful Twist 

Congratulations on your new baby, new mommies and daddies! You’ve brought life into the world and are gifted with such a precious little thing that will bring joy to your life. With parenthood comes lifestyle changes and other responsibilities that will be challenging, yes, but also, very exciting! 

Among these responsibilities are to ensure that your baby eats healthy. No need to hold your breath because it’s not as daunting as you imagine. We’re here with a few tips about how to prepare your infant’s meals at home, safely and, as always, healthily. 

Preparing Healthy Baby Food: Steps 1 to 5 

Guide To Preparing Healthy Baby Food

1. Preparing Healthy Baby Food: Wash Properly, Peel Properly 

We’ve used the word “properly” twice (now, thrice) to emphasize how you should washing produce very well. And after, peel of the skin just as conscientiously as the step before. Once that’s done, remove any pits or seeds inside fruits, or cut off hard parts such as stems and bases of vegetables. 

Medical experts recommend that fresh fruits and veggies be rinsed in water for at least 10 minutes. Additionally, it’s also advised that you drop a little bit of apple cider in the water you’ll use for washing. The apple cider will act as a disinfectant against microbes in said liquid. 

2. Mashing And Pureeing: The Perfect Duo 

Your baby won’t have teeth to help it chew food. Thus, you’ll have to mash or puree edibles to make them soft enough to have and then swallow. Whenever you add canned fruits, a tip to really bring out their flavor is to mash the pieces in the juice itself. 

Some parents prefer doing it manually, using a spoon and a bowl. In contrast, others utilize electric baby food mashers or electric stirrers. 

3. Tender And Well-Done 

Third on this shortlist is to cook food until they’re well-done, and are very tender. On one hand, this will aid in digestion because again, your cutie-pies have no munchers to munch food with. On the other, cooking in this manner will destroy any remaining bacteria that do not get washed off by water, but are eliminated through heat. 

4. Freeze And Heat 

Here’s a tip that you’re going to love. Once you’re done preparing your baby’s food, prepare extras that you can freeze. This will save you the effort of going through the same process again for the next meal. When taken out of the freezer, you can simply heat it until warm. 

Moreover, working parents and parents who have more than one child will adore the idea of being able to save on time will meal preps. 

5. Check Food Temperature 

Finally, check the food’s temperature before feeding your tot. A method you can utilize for checking the liquid temperature is to dab a few drops on your wrist. This might not be practical for solids. You can do something as simple as scooping out half a teaspoon of it and checking the temperature with your finger. 

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