farm equipment - list of tools and equipment you must know

Learn The Names Of Agriculture Farm Equipment And Tools

Farm equipment

Whether you have a farm or not, learning the names of a few farm equipment and tools can be most useful. It will also improve your knowledge. Here is a list of some essential farm equipment and tools.

Farm equipment and tools
Farm Equipment and Tools

Farm Equipment And Tools


There is such a huge range of tractors on the market, that choosing the right one for your farm can be quite tricky. You should have some basic knowledge about tractors to be able to choose the right one. Some go by brands, while some others go by features. These are available in various sizes that can work on farms of 1 acre as well as 1000 acres. These pieces of farm equipment are quite versatile. Choose a tractor that has high horsepower and the right hitch rating for the work.


All-terrain vehicles and utility vehicles are fun pieces of farm equipment. They are also useful for those who have a large property. You can use this option for transportation to all the ends of your premises. These are great for hauling your equipment. ATV’s can tow small trailers. You get attachments for many models also.

Farm Truck

A farm truck is very useful when you have to transport your poultry, goats and other animals from one place to another. You can use a small or midsize truck for your farm. These are also useful when you need pull trailers, make long trips or drive through your fields. Once you are clear in your mind about the right size of truck you need, you can pick the right one.

Farm equipment you must own
Farm Equipment you must Own


This is a basic farm tool that you will be needing the most. It will be used in digging. If you do not have the requirement to dig regularly, you can consider taking a backhoe on rent rather than buying one. These are purchased as different hydraulic implements for some tractor types. Some hoes are even designed to dig holes as deep as 10 feet.

Front-End Loader

A front-end loader is a more useful farm tool as compared to a backhoe. It can be used on a small-scale as well as a huge farm. Not all tractors are designed in such a way that they can handle this loader. It can be used to dig and move huge bulky items and even lift the heavy stuff. It can also be used to perform grading tasks on the land.


A cultivator is a tool used for soil cultivation on a farm. These are also used for weed control before planting seeds into a soil bed, and also to incorporate the crop well. It can also be used to prepare a seedbed. Cultivators can be spaced in a garden bed or crop field once the plants grow to remove the weeds growing around the plants. Cultivator tines need to be spaced properly to remove the weeds from the plants.


A cultipacker is a tool that is used behind tractors to firm seedbeds just before seeding and to set up your planting bed.

These are some of the basic farm equipment and tools that you will be needing.

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