3 Practical Benefits Of Natural Farming

Natural Farming has always been a critical step to keep a human body healthy. It is profitable for farmers in many different ways. With all the benefits for the health of a human body, Farming brings out the best version of our environment. Natural Farming serves a massive number of benefits to the environment. In this article, you will know about a few of the essential advantages of Natural Farming.

Less Exposure Of Crops To Chemicals And Pesticides

The Organic Trade Association does a recent survey on how pesticides affect the environment. It asks the farmers to switch their farming techniques to natural ways and support healthy cultivation. It will eventually prevent millions of harmful pesticides from affecting the crops and the environment. Pesticides result in killing the plant-eating insect. It prevents them from hampering the crops but also have some adverse effects. Some of the harmful effects of pesticides are:

Three Practical Benefits of Natural Farming
Three Practical Benefits of Natural Farming
  • The chemicals and pesticides sprinkle on plants do weaken the soil by infecting it.
  • The air and the water supply also experience contamination, and this effect stays for a longer time.
  • It makes it difficult for plants and also for humans to breathe in this air.
  • Use of chemicals also prevents the farmers from using smart natural farming techniques such as crop rotation and cover crops.
  • It leads the environment and the soil to more significant problems such as Erosion.
  • Helps in preventing the use of pesticides.  It prevents adverse effects and supports crop cultivation in healthy soil.

Helps In Building Healthy Soil

The first step to growing healthy food in your fields is to avoid using harmful chemical on plants. It supports you with such techniques to prevent the use of chemicals and thrives with proper food cultivation.

The soil that goes through chemical management undergoes severe damage and recovery of such land is next to impossible. Natural practices for cultivation of crops has always been a reliable source for healthy foods.

Three Practical Benefits of Natural Farming
Three Practical Benefits of Natural Farming

The agricultural research team states that natural Farming builds up a large amount of soil matter as it is essential for productive soil.  Healthy soil produces more than 1 billion good bacteria that help the cultivation of the crop. Soil that undergoes chemical treatment kills all the helpful bacteria and contains only 100 or less than 100 helpful bacteria.

Natural Farming Helps In Fighting Erosion

In addition to maintaining healthy soil, saving the soil form other significant problems come in hand. Organic farming techniques fight with significant soil issues to keep it safe from Erosion.

Chemical treatment of soils results in loss of the topsoil because of Erosion. The Erosion will lead towards destroying the crops and oppose the cultivation techniques in the future.

Erosion spreads slowly but will eventually cover the entire field. It affects not only the crops but the food supply, land, and humans. Organic farming techniques combat soil erosion to prevent its effects.

Natural Farming Helps In Supporting Water Health And Conservation

Water contamination is mostly occurring due to the un-natural techniques of Farming. The use of harmful pesticides and chemicals kills the useful minerals of the water. Natural ways of Farming keep the water bodies clean and healthy for consumption.

It allows us to experience such benefits. We must accept the fact and motivate such techniques.

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